Get Recognized, Get Promoted, and Get Paid More at Work

Published: 01st November 2007
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Get recognized at work by doing three simple things: cheerfully do the tasks that no one else wants to do, always deliver excellent results, and never ask for credit for your efforts.

Cheerfully do the tasks that no one else wants to do.
Take on those things that others avoid doing. Do it cheerfully. Many times these are the tough tasks, the ones that take extra effort. Step up to them, and do them well. The reward will be worth it.

Be willing to do the hard work, the dirty work, to take on the abusive customer, the late shift, the early shift, the tough overseas assignment, or the project with the tight deadline.

When everyone else is complaining, say, "I would love to help out."

If someone at your level refuses to take the job, then somebody at a higher level will have to do it instead, or waste their time trying to find someone who will. Your willingness to step up the unpleasant task will ingratiate you to those who have the authority to give you what you want-a promotion and a raise.

Always deliver excellent results.
A sloppy job will not be rewarded; in fact, it will more than likely be "punished." The average job will be considered what your regular salary is worth. The excellent job, the superlative job will be seen as the reason for higher pay and promotion. Always deliver excellent results!

The difference in value between great quality and average quality is 100 to 1 in many fields of endeavor.

In public speaking, the average speaker may be paid $1,000 to $3,000 per day. A great speaker will be paid $50,000 to $100,000 or more for 60-90 minutes of their time.

The difference between great quality and average quality is 100 to 1 in many fields!

Dare to be great. Dare to play at a higher level. Dare to stand above the crowd, and your pay and position will stand above the crowd with you.

Never ask for credit for your efforts.
There is a great paradox in work - the more you demand credit for your work, the less real credit you actually get.

Keep your focus on delivering excellent and high-quality results. Perform the hardest tasks. Work on the "braggable" projects. Do them well and you will be recognized.

There is nothing wrong with letting your boss know that the project or delivery is done on time and beyond the minimum standard. Competent employees know how to report in an efficient manner that keeps the boss informed without wasting their precious time.

However, don't ask for the credit. Let the results speak for themselves.

Also remember, your organization is never interested in your effort, they are interested in your results.

Bragging about how late you had to work to get it done will brand you as a loser. Asking to be promoted or paid more because you are working hard is truly pathetic.

Focus on the results, not the effort required to achieve them!

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